Our Team

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    Adam Everett Miller

    Adam is a video artist with more than a decade of experience. After graduating Liberty University in 2008, Adam co-founded and eventually bought out Hello Studios.

    Adam has worked with incredible After Effects artists all over the world in his role as former Aetuts+ editor and now focuses exclusively on helping organizations better communicate their messages. Adam also loves investing in future creatives through Hello's internship program.

    Adam has a strong wife and two young "room brightening" daughters.

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    Sam Hanson

    With a degree in Digital Media and Cinematography, Sam started at Hello Studios in 2013. His skills include videography, editing, animation, and visual effects.

    "I like creating moments within After Effects about as much as capturing them with a camera. I love going the extra mile to keep our projects organized and end results looking great, even if its in details others may never notice."

    When not filming, editing or animating, Sam likes to hike, kayak, game, brew, and hang around with those who do.

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    Roger Erdvig

    The most recent addition to the team, Roger Erdvig joined Hello Studios in 2018. His primary focuses are editing and scripting, in addition to assisting on shoots.

    Roger brings an extra level of intentionality and purpose to Hello Studios projects.