Episode #8 - The 5 Smartest Uses of Your Marketing Budget

1. Adobe Subscription 2. Envato Elements 3. Quality Photography 4. A Dedicated CRM 5. Professional Video

Episode #7 - Five Sneaky Hacks for Social Media Content

In this video, I'll be sharing five easy ideas to generate engaging social media content you'll want to post.

Episode #6 - Five Brilliant Tips for Filming an Interview

In this video, we offer a few quick tips to help you do a better job the next time you interview a student, parent, teacher, or staff.

Episode #5 - Five Email Tips That Might Be Worth Forwarding

The way you use email has a large impact on how people at work view you. In this video, we'll share a few helpful tips to keep in mind when communicating through email.

Episode #4 - Five Social Media Tips Your School Must Do

Keeping up with social media can feel like the homework assignment that never get completed.
Here are 5 tips to help you get more traction and feel better about your efforts.

Episode #3 - Five Simple Tricks for Capturing in a Classroom

An important tool for marketing your school is having a current collection of quality photos.
In this video we'll cover 5 simple tricks to help you capture in a classroom.

Episode #2 - Five Steps to Find Your School's Niche

It can be challenging to identify what makes you different.
In this episode, we're going to cover 5 steps to identify your school’s niche.

Episode #1 - Five Tips Before Producing a School Video

In this episode we’re going to talk about producing video content for your school that will go out to the public.
These are 5 things to think about before you start making your video.

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