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Classroom Composition Cheat Sheet

Our FREE download provides a quick PDF or JPEG reference guide for capturing classroom shots no matter your camera.

  • Color Coded Key to quickly identify shots for your lens
  • Perfect for Mobile Viewing so you can use on the go
  • Bonus Tips on how and when the shot will work
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Shoot Day Scheduler

The template will save you so much time and makes collaboration simple.

  • Location Dropdowns for easy access
  • 15 Minute Slots so you can plan the day easily
  • Easy to Share as PDF or collaborate with Google Sheets
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About Hello HighFive

Hello HighFive is produced by Hello Studios. We are a video production company in central Virgina. This project is simply an outlet for us to share insights we've gathered over the past dozen years of working with schools.
Great question! We collaborate with a network of experienced individuals to gather common challenges and solutions before packaging our findings into definitive lists. There will always be things we have to leave out, but that's why we have the Hello HighFive Community Page to keep the conversation going.
Honestly, no. We discovered a while back that many individuals working in their schools have a lot on their plates and don't have an easy place to ask for advice, share successes, or simply meet others in the same positions. We want to help you connect, get your opinions, and be a resource to help you thrive!
Hello Studios is located in Lynchburg, VA. We've been able to help schools across the US. Please don't hesitate to reach out!