Behind The Scenes

  • Pocket Testament League - BTS

    Here are a handful of little cheats we used on a short film project for The Pocket Testament League. We'll talk through both practical and digital tricks the helped us get the result we were after.

  • Hello Studios: 2022 Recap Video

    This is the first shoot we did in our new studio space, Here are the 2022 key moments recapped into a single, delightul video. Enjoy! Give us a call and you could make the video next year!

  • Hello Studios: 2021 Recap Video

    We're back again with another recap of some of the highlights from the year 2021. We hope you enjoy seeing what we go the chance to work on!

  • The Looma Project: Animation Templates

    We got to work with The Looma Project to animated and "templatify" a series infographic slides for them to use with their clients. The easy-to-modify files will speed up their workflow and save countless hours of production while still delivering the same quality end result.

  • Hello Studios: 2020 Recap Video

    This past year has been such a clear reminder of what a successful year looks like. We've put together this video to give you a quick overview what 2020 looked like for us here at Hello Studios.

  • Hello Studios: Storyboarding BTS

    Lets take a quick look at our storyboarding process. By not having to start completely from scratch, we've been able to delivery far more consistent and clean direction during pre-production.

  • Hello Studios: 2019 Recap Video

    We had a great 2019 here at Hello Studios. Though we don't have time to mention everything we got to work on, here are a few quick highlights as we look back to recap 2019!

  • GMB: Haunting Music Video BTS

    Here we'll look at the planning, production, and editing that went into our music video for the band Good Morning Bedlam.

  • Hello Studios: 2018 Recap Video

    Here are a few memorable moments from 2018. Enjoy. Check out Hello's Facebook Page.

  • Hello Studios: 2017 Recap Video

    2017 was such a full year at Hello Studios. Enjoy this recap video as we talk through some of the highlights!. Check out Hello's Facebook Page.

  • Get Downtown: Hand Drawn Animation

    This video shows the process of frame by frame animation we used to create the doodling style of the "Get Downtown 2017" Promo for the Downtown Lynchburg Association.
    Check out Get Downtown.

  • Norman: VFX Breakdown Montage

    For a couple years, there was an ongoing backburner project called Norman that we whittled away at from time to time. It's a movie we helped do the Visual Effects on. Here is a montage of just a handful of the hundreds of VFX shots in the film.
    Check out Norman The Film.

  • Fleet Laboratories: Tracking a Truck

    In this video we show a scenario where we were able to overcome a scheduling issue with a little post production ingenuity! By compositing the client's logo onto the side of a delivery truck, we enhanced our shot by reinforcing the company's brand.
    Check out the Fleet's Website.

  • Deerfoot Lodge: Animating Old Photos

    In this video I talk through how I brought life to a collection of archived historic photos. We'll look at a few methods of adding dimension to static images. By adding parallax to these old photos, we were able to keep the story moving along even with limited visual resources.
    Check out the Deerfoot's Vision Page.

  • Metabolic Bootcamp: Workflow

    In this video, we'll take a quick look at a few of the elements involved when we work on an animation project. We'll talk about creating the graphics and then how we've automated some processes to save us time while animating.
    Watch the "What is MBC?" animation.

  • Norman: VFX Talk Through

    I created this quick explanation of what it takes to put together a basic VFX shot. We're going to be locking down the edit on "Norman" in the next month or so and then begin post with VFX, sound design, and color.
    Check out Norman The Film.

  • The Finger Games: Skateboarder Shot

    Here is another update from the set of The Finger Games where we talk through how the Skateboarder shot was accomplished. This whole project was a fun opportunity to experiment with some new VFX techineques as well as solve some new problems.
    Watch "The Finger Games".

  • The Finger Games: Businessmen Shot

    February of 2013 we paused all client work for 2 weeks to create a short film just for fun. I had this basic idea in the back of my mind for a while, but finally just made the time to put it into script form and actually execute it. This video shows how we pulled off the businessmen shot.
    Watch "The Finger Games".

  • SBC: Empty Hands

    Here are a few shots broken down to show how we doctored to footage to tell the story. The idea with this whole spot is to show what would happen if giving were to stop and items were no longer available. Also creating an African village in Virginia was pretty fun on the back end.
    Watch "Empty Hands".

  • GE: Plug It In

    For this project, we did all sorts of tests to see how we could shoot using a real extension cord, but quickly realized that just wouldn’t be an option. Knowing that we would have to create a fake digital cord actually liberated a number of the concerns we had with this spot. In the final video, we constantly cut back and forth between real cord shots and fake cord shots to keep the viewer believing that everything was actually shot in camera. Most people don't realize how much work went into this project on the back end so we decided to create this montage.
    Watch "Plug It In".